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Something you don't know about escort service in china!?

Asian escort in chia

Something you don't know about escort service in china!?

When you work in the escort circle,you will see so many different kind of people and the darkest side for them that another people don't know.We have a regulars is a college professor,every time come here with a black briefcase,there have one fake  penis and one mp3,the Asian escort service for him have to wear the MP3 and follow with music dance sexy in front of him, then he will console himself,escort girl need to use the fake penis thrusting in his asshole after dancing...he came here later once,the escort girl told me something after service for him:"after one hour thrusting,i can feel my hand,careless in one moment,thrust to his ball,painful make him to yell". There have another wired customer who like to let escort girl blowing to his asshole by straw... and another one who like put one finger into escort girl's vagina and  console himself in the same time.. and another one like to play 4p,once he feel he can't handle it, he will eat some Viagra and move on.Anyway,you will see many different kind of customer.

I don't think it's good to share customer's private here,but it happens all the time in china,But if you're in new york and call the escort service from here,That would be totally different,we take care of personal private very seriously. we hear about escort agency,once they hear something about customer private from NYC escort,they will fire that escort girl right away.By the way,the wired customer they share about,i think it's normal. Everybody have different habit,someone wanna admit it and someone doesn't.And i don't think this darkest side,i think this is how you feel deep inside your heart.That's why we call for the escort service,whatever in china or USA,it's all the same.

Wanna know how Asian escort practice oral sex?

Escort girls usually buy some banana home,each people have one put in the mouth,check if teeth marks on it after half hour,can't be any teeth marks on the banana.

Have you ever try this before? I did for couple times and i can't stand it,It told us nothing is easy and work at escort service isn't easy too.Don't even think there's no skill on it,dance,oral sex,short time makeup and other skills.

Asian escorts watch porn while they eat,so they can imitate them.The most proud words from escort girl,"I have seen all the different penis". I don't make any comment on it,I know it can't express all the escort girl's opinion.But if they can think escort service in this way.It's good way,whatever the job we do,i think the positive attitude is necessary.

Asian escorts will try to get some outcall in internet,But this is their personal stuff,we regardless of it as long as they have good behavior in the job.

It seems like every escort girl have a boyfriend outside,they afraid of something happens between their customer and their boyfriend once they go out,for them,exploit each other and there always don't have good result.

Asian escorts,live in the high-class apartment,some of them live together,some of them live by themselves.if she have boyfriend,she will live with her boyfriend,once their boyfriend agree with service with others,they will post the ad online,once customer coming,her boyfriend will wait outside.In Hong Kong,Taiwan,there have the words : one floor for one phoenix.


How much better to be a New York escort than be a Asian Escort in china!

Asian Escort

How much better to be a New York escort than be a Asian Escort in china!

Yes,this half topic next to what's the different between New York escort and Asian escort in china!?,i don't know if someone knows about the other blog from mine,so i decide to publish topics in 2 blogs.Anyway,that's back to the point.

5.There's a story,some Asian Escort stay together for long time in a small space,will effect menstruation each other,menstruation coming for them in the same time sometimes,It's amazing but it's true.In this time,the situation for that moment will be not enough escort girl for them,If there have some escort girl who know menstruation is coming but not in right now,we will ask them for eating one medicine(He told me he forget the name),this medicine can postpone the date for  menstruation,but the Asian escort who eat this will be more angry and her face will turn to pale,fretful,anorexia...even upset the menstruation.

6.The most thing customer afraid to is menstrual coming when they sex with Asian escort,most hateful and taboo for customer is menstrual coming when they enjoy the service.And we hate that either,customer don't need to pay for them if it happens.Once,a new escort girl call my friend for emergency,my friend come to the room,he saw the blood cover her lower body, the customer is sitting on the bed,the blood is on his hands and his legs also.customer saw him with innocent eyes,it feels like he kill someone in mistake.so this bill can't be charged and need to apologize to customer too.that customer told to me "he earn the money by stock,he afraid of seeing red,if my stock is going down,i will look for the trouble on you!"

PS: my friend doesn't think about too much,This estimate is a rebellious maybe,the customer play stock who always like reverse thinking.It feels like when we saw the blood,we always think something bad will happen,more like "spiritual taboo". he made a joke :"bro,it's hard to meet something like this,maybe you're lucky,try to buy some lottery ."

It's too late to write more information about this,I don't like to translate this but i have to do,it's more like life,It's too much things we don't wanna do,but for better life,we gotta do it and have to like it.Actually i like to write something about New York escort after i know so much thing about Asian escort.

I will back to the china shortly and meet some escort agency,I realize one thing when students want to hear something really good from teacher,but teacher tell them "Today's speech is over,it's time to sing,if you'd like to listen,stay or leave". As you know,it would never happen to regular teacher,Actually more prone to pick up,game or something funny.


How escort girls change in sparkle!!!

escort girls

How escort girls change in sparkle!!!

Now,i know why men is king in the old history as always.Maybe because of gene,the girls are always like to obey than revolt.Maybe my points too objective,but you will think about my points after the story i gonna share below(actually from the escort girl in sparkle).

Anyway,let's move on again.

8.2)Last time i talk about if you have 200 thousands RMB in your sparkle account,you can go home with someone in new year.And those money is keep by escort agency in sparkle.she can cry with her family but she can't told anything about sparkle.not even a word.

But the fact is :If escort girl can earn 200 thousands RMB in her sparkle account,she already have new worldview and new ideology,even they will thanks for escort agency,even "uncle manager who slug her before". It's real,that's why i have the point before.I'm not gonna judge about them,Actually in that situation,she will live better in this way.If i were her,i will let them pay what they do.Maybe female are more kindness.

I watch the movie and see kindness kind never stand for long time,zhuyuanzhang is Ming emperor,if you'd like to watch the history book,you will find out how many people he kill,As long as someone will threat to him,he will kill him/her.Even just have inattention.How do you feel right now.You may think about this kind of like sparkle.Yes,Exactly.But Escort in New York is not that easy to bully.I don't know about local escort in New York,but Asian Escort in NYC always go through something before they come to USA,it's not easy to come to New York.

Back to those escort girls,they won't say anything even they get arrested in jail.Even they get slug to almost to die,they won't say anything about secret in sparkle.

Escort agency in sparkle have a words "Kill couple escort girls in sparkle is not a big deal.",I saw some educated girls with me before,they locked in the black room in the end until they disappear.

There still have a lot of escort girls still in the jail or Labor reeducation..

Because they haven't had the chance to tell secretary before they isolated(they told the truth). Only the escort girls who keep secret will release in the end.what a irony story.

Whole police system is bribed by Wenqiang,you have nowhere to tell the truth.

How do you feel?Actually I don't care about what those escort girls gonna be or sparkle get arrest or something else.If i were Wenqiang,i will do the exactly same thing,This is Chinese.I don't care about others,mine and my relate is all i need to care about. And Chinese education tell us that.cheating happens to china everywhere,i can't have a bull to help the elderly.she/him may sue you after you help.